Client Contact

Please contact this office with any legal question you have about your collection efforts or needs. We can discuss how this firm might be able to assist you in your attempts at debt recovery. This initial contact and subsequent consultation is free of charge and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.


A consultation will allow Attorney Patricia Rosenberg to identify how this law firm can help you, will present to you the benefits this firm can offer, and will explain in writing the fee and cost structure. Contact this office and Patricia will set up a meeting at your convenience. The client is always accommodated. Initial consultations and subsequent meetings with clients for notarization of documents etc. are done at the client’s office and at the client’s convenience.

A consultation will also allow this law firm to present information on the procedures that are used to collect your company’s debt, and any client-advanced costs of

  • court entry
  • service of process
  • wage, bank and property executions
  • judgment liens

Additionally, a consultation will allow a presentation to the client of

  • regular status reports on each outstanding account
  • attorneys fees due on RECOVERED debt

Identify your email or telephone contact preference and Attorney Rosenberg will promptly respond: